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Kori Williams

Owner & Lash Artist

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Cierra Sulivan


I am a Licensed Esthetician and I received my education at the School of Botanical and Medical Aesthetics in Denver, Colorado. I have been intrigued by the science of skincare since a very young age as I was diagnosed with a rare skin disorder called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome which affects collagen and elastin. I strive to help others feel comfortable and confident in their own skin and educate them on the most beneficial products and treatments so they can reach their skincare goals. For my clients, I provide home care regimens and skincare treatments with results-oriented products to help you achieve results without compromising the integrity of your skin. When you walk into my treatment room your goals become mine, and together we will achieve them through treatments, homecare, and effective products.

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Victoria Plottner


My name is Victoria Plottner and I’ve been an Esthetician for more than 5 years, I received my educated from Heritage College in 2015. I specialize in skin health of the full-body, my goal is to make people aware of skin health, skin needs, and how to understand your skin.
I want them to feel comfortable and beautiful in any way shape or form given. It is not always an easy journey but I promise we will make it fun!
Skin & Body Wellness is such an important factor in our life. This is why I offer a variety of services to help maintain good skin and mental health overall.
I love what I do and it has made a tremendous impact on my life and those around me, to give me the ability to help recharge and create relationships all in one is what I am here for! Cannot wait to see your beautiful faces.

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Averi Trevino

Master Microblading Artist

Aubrey Adams

Master Lash Artist

Lauren Kussee

Master Lash Artist

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